On "Entropy"

Time is an accounting and reckoning system. It is a mental construct, based on experience with reality. Entropy is the opening force which continually allows for change in the ongoing moment. This renders the recent past unto detailed history -- nonexistent, except to ongoing recall, which is real memory and perspective within us. Time is the measurement system for relating the entropic present to the recallable past and to timespans toward futures. The future usage of time ahead only relates shorter to longer, and does not affect future happenings by adding days or hours. This we feel, and this we know means future projections are humorously made up, though sometimes couched as more than this.

The future, ahead of the entopically active and sliding moment, holds from minuscule risk to minuscule surprise, in each fraction of a second. The human imagination, forecasting within, is what we use to actively do our part in self-building the very near future, as a mental notion and as a real continuance of recent experience. That's long self-proven to each of us as certainly valid, since early childhood.

Often beautiful features of life, such as entropy, are misrepresented as detrimental factors. Entropy is the openness and freedom imbued in the ongoing sliding moment, and the positive orientation for change only toward the future.